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BotCast #14 - Amir (Slack) visiting BotsHackathon in Vienna

This weekend we had BotBarCamp going on in Vienna followed by an amazing BotsHackathon. Our friends from Slack were joining us during their tour through Europe, mentoring and helping teams to build great bots on Slack.

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BotCast #13 - F8 Recap

Hey bot makers! It's been already one week since F8. Today we have a special guest from Italy - Emanuelle Caparelli. He will not only tell us about where to get the best pizza and pasta, but also what happened since F8.

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BotCast #12 - Live from F8

Welcome back to our 12th episode of BotCast. We are streaming live from Facebook's F8 in San Jose, welcoming our special guests, the unbelievable Dmitry of the most famous bot building platform Chatfuel and Anastasia, Botmother of the Warriors Messenger Bot, which was featured at F8's keynote.

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BotCast #11 - Special edition w/ Artemins Artnapper and Messenger Platform v1.4 updates

This is a special edition of BotCast for two great reasons: #1 Messenger announced a couple of new updates to their platform which now reached version 1.4. #2 Artemis Artnapper launched on Product Hunt today. Our guest Pamina, co-creator of this bot, will tell us more what it is about.

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BotCast #10 - RecordBird

This is already our 10th episode of BotCast ????!!! Andreas and his team from RecordBird built a bot on Kik and Messenger in addition to their existing apps, which helps fans to stay up to date with latest music releases of their favorite artists. He'll tell us about why they decided to build a bot and their story.

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BotCast #9 - Statsbot and Hugging Face

This week we have 3 guests: Mike and Artyom from Statsbot and Clement from Hugging Face. Bot companies were part of Betawork's BotCamp and move from Russia and France to the US. They are going to share some insights on how they got started and their recent growth.

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BotCast #8 - Focus

This weeks episode is all about reflection, finding focus and opportunities with our friend Dustin Perry. It's a little philosophical but we hope you'll enjoy it!

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BotCast #7 - Foxsy

For this episode we invited Jin, the creator of Foxsy, a Facebook Messenger dating bot. He'll tell us a bit about the story behind this bot and in which direction it is heading.

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BotCast #6 - Webviews

Chatbottle Awards are finished and we announced the winners in this episode. We are also talking about good ways to utilize the Messenger platform instead of an app and why webviews are awesome.

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BotCast #5 - VCs, Accelerators and Corporate Bots

This week we are talking about VCs and accelerators in the bots ecosystem, especially in Europe and Vienna. Our special guest Jakob from TheVentury has already developed bots for corporate. He is talking about insights when working with large companies and his Accelerator for bots they recently launched.

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